How did you get HERE?

It wouldn’t surprise me to find that the question “How did I get here?” is running through your mind about now.

Of course, I’m not really talking about how you got to this site, I’m talking about how you got to this point in your life, so far away from how it all began, here to the point where your marriage appears to be crumbling around you.


End Your Marriage

Is divorce inevitable for you at this point? If so, you can still control your fate.

Take control of the situation.


Save Your Marriage

Think your marriage might be saved? Think there might be options other than Divorce?

You might very well be right!


Some of our most important Partners

One of the things I respect the most is when people make a profession out of helping people. In my own search for divorce advice and information, I came across a couple of people who I felt were doing an absolutely excellent job of helping people manage the turbulent waters that must be navigated during a divorce. One of those people is Mort Fertel.

Mort offers up tons of great information on his site, but more importantly, he’ll work one on one with you to help try to save your marriage. If you do nothing else, I recommend you visit his site and sign up for his free “e-help” series of newsletters. They are absolutely packed full of information you need today!

Another person I wound up coming across is Ben Coltrin.


Latest News

2011 and Beyond

I am basically an optimist, I tend to believe that good things will be coming along and I try to do what I can to make sure they do. With that in mind, I’m working through some changes to the section of the site specifically geared towards saving marriages.